Friday, October 31, 2008

Wake up calls

From eating only the purest of foods at the Tree for 3 months. My body was bound to react if I was not to continue paying it with the deepest of respect. SO that's what it did.
We took the dog on the train to an English speaking vet (a few cities from our place) so we could get her tests underway for her journey to NZ. This took up most of the afternoon and by the time we were heading home my stomach started to growl and curse me. Craig was also hungry, he is a typical pitta and needs to eat before hunger sets in. He also has trouble keeping weight on (hhmmpf nice for some) which is an issue for someone wanting to maintain bulk for playing Rugby. So when we arrived at the station we picked up some snacks. 10 minutes after eating these less than excellent foods my neck started to itch, 30 minutes later my entire face turned red and lumpy. It could be hives I'm not sure. All I know is that I have been getting more and more blase with food choices and my body decided it had had enough.
Enough talk about food. Yes the tests are under way, the poor dog is in for some prodding, poking and no doubt an abundant of horrid unnecessary chemicals in order for her to be accepted into the country.

Japan has not had any reported cases of Rabies yet she must be vaccinated (and who knows whats in that crap) against it. I can understand that we don't want rabies in NZ but coming from a country which doesn't have it why not just take blood and test to make sure shes not infected (actually shes having that test also). I called MAF in NZ and they understand my concern but they must take these precautionary measures.
There's not much we can do about all the vaccinations and testing,but we can get excited about the fact that we're heading home soon. I'm sure Yuki is going to love frolicking in the meadows and playing with all the other animals. I wonder if dog language is the same around the world or whether she'll have to learn a new doggy language??
My family is arriving in a few days so need to get the apartment spick and span. Its small enough (70 sqm) with 3 of us living here let alone 6! Its a good time to declutter.
As with out, So within-Emerald Tablet
X Love, Peace & Happiness X