Saturday, October 18, 2008

Memories from the Tree

For those not quite up with the play. The pictures you are about to drool over are 100% raw, vegan, organic food. Made by myself and other apprentices & chefs at the Tree of life Rejuvenation centre, Patagonia, Arizona.

Here are just a few of our beautiful creations

Everyday our meals consisted of bright, fresh, organic, raw produce

Full of Enzymes and life force

To assist in achieving health, mental & spiritual clarity

The cafe to the left is where I spent most of my time and where we created all the beautiful meals.
Some basic utensils.
Gisela ( one of the head chefs) teahing us how to use the vegetable sheeter.

Blissin out after Shabbat

The Apprentices & chefs

Sunset from the cafe...aaaahhh

The beginning of the apprenticeship

a wedding ceremony at the tree

Drumming circle with Baba Kosan