Saturday, December 12, 2009



It seems I only revisit my blog when I decide to get on track with my health & increase the quality of my amazing life.
I couldn't say why I don't frequent here more often. My thoughts are It's because it helps to keep a journal of progress when embarking on a new life strategy and unfortunately when I fall off that wagon I disappear back into old habits.
So, here I am.....I guess this means I have a new intention. Here's hoping I follow through.
I've joined up as a member on with the intention to complete a 92 day fast.
Craig is in Japan & my family are in the North Island & Australia so I've decided to hibernate for Christmas so I don't believe Christmas or NY will interfere & compromise my fast.
This is something I've wanted to commit to for some time, but when I'd set myself a date to start I knew within myself that I wasn't prepared both physically & emotionally.
The weather has warmed up so I feel this will help with the healing process &
will make it easier to stick to.
Tomorrow I'll start a 3 day MasterCleanse. I've enjoyed MC's in the past and find they really help halt my food (esp. sweet) cravings. After 2-3 days of lemonade I really crave delicious, alkalizing green juice.
I haven't practiced Yoga for sometime so intend to start tomorrow morning also. I feel Bikram Yoga will be comforting throughout my fast so will try to get to the city once a week.
My expectations for my fast are both meaningful & superficial.
Eating Disorders

I can do this!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Master Cleanse

My friend and I have embarked on a 14 day Master Cleanse. We're up to day 3 and I'm feeling fantastic!!
My routine at the moment is all over the place but my energy lev
els are high enough to take on
all that I throw at myself.
Friday 31st July-Day 1 Woke at 5.30 am, had already prepared lemon-aid the previous night just incase I slept in. Chugged my HOTSHOT of cayenn
e & lemon-aid. Then continued with my morning duties of feeding the horses, cat & dogs.
6am off to work. I work at a racing stable doing mixed duties. Bringing the horses in, tacking them up, picking up shit, occasional riding, feeding out and doing their teeth. All in all I really enjoy it as its physical, I get to work with horses, I get to work outdoors and most mornings I get to see the most spectacular sunrises.

I finished work by 1pm then drove home to tend to my own animals. I walked around the farm moving fences, filling troughs & unloaded the hay from the float into the shed.
Not once did I feel lethargic.
3pm I went inside and had an unarranged nana nap.
Nap only lasted an hour due to the phone ringing (which I missed anyway), when I woke I felt very groggy and disorientated.
In the evening I fed out again, came in and consumed my salt water flush (unpleasant to say the least!) and relaxed in bed.

Day 2 - Woke fairly early, fed & walked the animals.
Chugged back SWF & HOTSHOT.
Went to town to buy more MC supplies.
Had an amazing ride down at the beach. We were in T-shirts in JULY! I'm not sure what's happening but I am loving our warm winter. It was a beautiful day, the sky was blue there wasn't a breath of wind and the scenery was spectacular (it's always best on the back of a horse)

After a fabulous day an early night was had.
Oh forgot to mention I dry brushed and gave myself a lemon sugar scrub facial before a shower. Felt so cleansed.

Day 3- Woke bright & early. Haven't done a great deal today but am feeling light & clear.
I've had my HOTSHOT & SWF and am sipping away on my lemon-aid.
This afternoon I'm catching up with friends then picking up my Organic Blackboy Peach tree to plant.

So far my weight-loss since Friday is 2kgs!
Will try to keep this updated with posts and video blogs.

Aroha Nui