Saturday, May 31, 2008


Photo: Alpine stream. Taken during our hike across the Routeburn Track. NZ Jan 07

I thought I'd touch on water today. We all need it, but we need to be aware of certain negative impacts we put on ourselves and the environment through different practices that are common today.

Earth is made of 70-80% water, the human body is made of 70-80% water. And just like us, fresh organic produce is made of up 70-80% water. The best way to hydrate ourselves is through a diet high in fresh water rich produce, where living water comes directly from the leaves, plants & fruits. Living organic plants naturally distill & filter mineral-rich water directly from the earth. It's easy for our bodies to absorb and utilise. This high quality water is very different to the variety found in plastic bottles.

As hard as I searched I could not find any statistics regarding the amount of water bottles New Zealanders send to our landfills however I did find out that more than 3.4 million tones of solid waste is delivered to landfills each year, and I'm sure a decent portion of that is plastic bottles. Especially considering that these NZ Bottled water plants produce the following amount of bottles each month.
Coca Cola Amatil (Pump, Deep Springs - up to 2 million bottles per month), Pepsi, Kiwi Blue,
H2 GO, New Zealand Quality Waters, Living Water Enterprises (formerly Eternal Springs, up to 4 million bottles per month). - Ozone Technologies NZ

Bottled water is a multi-million dollar scam that is threatening the environment and sucking money out of people’s pockets, it costs more than petrol per litre, and it takes 1000 years for the plastic bottles to biodegrade.
In New Zealand we’re blessed with some of the purest, easily available aquifer water in the world (at least until it hits a few of the encroaching dairy farms). For those not so happy to drink water from the tap can invest in a good quality water filter system.
We are taking water for granted, we have always had an abundance but its time we take action. Grey water systems and collecting rain water for example.

Today I came across this great ad campaign by Brita. Brita is a German company specializing in water filtration products. (I think they are available worldwide, they stock them here in Japan).

Brita states in its ad slogan that “last year 16 million gallons of oil were consumed to make plastic water bottles.”
the advertising campaign highlights one of the most pointless waste products in our society today.
Americans send about 38 billion water bottles a year to landfills. Considering the 1.5 million barrels of oil needed to make those bottles, the environmental impact of plastic bottle waste is truly staggering.

Environment and costs aside, bottled water also has a detrimental effect on our health. I encourage you to read the following article

Excerpt taken from the Environmental Working Group website - Click the link below to read the entire article
Consumers are advised NOT to reuse store-bought bottled water, or even plastic bottles supposedly made for refilling, due to dangers of leaching chemicals. Research shows that clear bottles made of polycarbonate plastic (such as the original 32-ounce Nalgene) can leach bisphenol-A (BPA), an endocrine disrupting chemical that acts like estrogen in the body.
Since BPA has been linked to low sperm counts and an increased risk of breast and prostate cancer, scientists suggest avoiding reusable bottles made from plastic. They also raise serious concerns about the potential for other plastic chemicals to leach out of typical PET bottled water bottles — especially if they sit in the hot sun.

We bought a water filter for our tap & when out and about we use our trusty Sigg bottle, we've had it over a year and it's still going strong. Sigg bottles are reusable, lightweight, recyclable & have a leach free lining so no chemicals leach into your drinking water (Be careful of imitations as they are most likely just cheap aluminium and will leach chemicals into the water).

Even the dog loves it!

Bottled water is trendy and portably convenient. But its burgeoning increase is disconcerting. In times of serious concerns about peak oil, climate change and damage by civilisation to the environment, plastic bottled water should be a last option for quenching thirst and nourishing the body.

Tonights dinner

Its so cold today!! What has happened to Japan's Spring??
Was a good afternoon to spend in the kitchen!

Tonight on the menu: Cheesy Broccoli Cannelloni, Seaweed chowder & pickles. A pretty weird combo, I guess it's a culturally diverse mix combining Italian, Japanese & Korean

Cheesy Broccoli Cannelloni Recipe from Raw Goddess Heathy's blog
Serves 2

Cheddar Sauce
1 large red bell pepper
1/4 c water
1 c raw cashews 1 c sunflower seeds, soaked
2 T tahini
¼ tsp nama shoyu
2 teaspoon sea salt
1 tsp onion powder
1 clove garlic
¼ cup lemon juice

Blend until creamy and smooth. Chill.
Pulse 1 head of broccoli, with a bit of nutritional yeast and sea salt, to small bits in food processor. Fold into cheese sauce.Peel/ make strips out of zucchini. Let sit to soften or dehydrate for a few hours. Roll up with the filling.

Tomato Basil Sauce
1 cup packed dried tomatoes, soaked a few hours
¼ cup soak water
1 pitted, medjool date
1 small clove of garlic
Sea salt & dried oregano to taste
2 large tomatoes, chopped
1/4 C fresh basil, chopped & packed
Blend all but fresh tomatoes/basil. Pulse last 2 ingredients into the blend.

SEAWEED CHOWDER From the Daily Raw Cafe website
Servings: 2
3 cups water
1 cup walnuts
1 tablespoon yellow miso
¼ cup Wakame, cut into tiny pieces
1 carrot, thinly grated
½ tablespoon sea salt
1/4 yellow onion

In a blender, combine walnuts, miso and water until you achieve a creamy milk consistency.
Pour in a large bowl, add Wakame, carrots and sea salt. Stir. Let sit until Wakame expands.

Food Matters DVD out now!!

I've ordered mine! I cant wait to see the entire documentary. I love that John Butler Trio's music features on the DVD!!

You can view the official trailer below

We had a beautiful dinner last night, courtesy of my darling husband. Will post some food porn up later today.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Woohoo! My toe is in the water!

Welcome to my very first blog.

I'm a pretty shy person so why am I about to publicy share my life on the net??

Well, I adjusted my settings so only people who have the complete URL can access it. SO hopefully viewers will mainly be friends and family & those I choose to share an insight with.


Most people start blogs to show off their writing skills or creativity. Some people are humorous.. Sadly I'm definitely no writer, and I'm not terribly funny. But this a chance for family and friends back home see what we get up to.
Also we have decided this will be our final year in Japan, so this means our new and exciting journey begins. I'll be sharing our experiences of buying some acreage, building a sustainable eco friendly home using renewable energy and resources, setting up an orchard, vege garden & many other fun adventures! We'd also like to start a Organic health food shop with perhaps a small raw vegan cafe within it. I dunno. They're all just ideas so far.
And maybe...Just maybe.... you'll try some of the recipes!

In the meantime you can follow my transition to a raw vegan lifestyle (I'll explain more in future posts), and I'll touch on other topics that take my fancy.

I hope you enjoy! I look forward to your comments

Peace & Love