Monday, December 1, 2008

A change is gonna come

What has the world come to??
Walmart employee stomped to death as crazy shoppers broke down the doors to get a deal on the latest JUNK. You can read an article here
Where do ya start?!? The article states that the economic downfall is the reasoning behind the hoards of people out bargain hunting. huh?! How about this for an idea....... Stop buying crap! How about showering your loved ones with your time, love & energy. Last year 'The story of Stuff' was released, it was a huge hit.
Here it is again. I hope after the tragedy of this poor mans death the message will get out that Christmas is about spending time with your family, friends & loved ones.

On another note. We need to be thinking about where we're spending our Money, every day we are voting with our dollar. I have made a conscious decision to no longer support the big corporate warehouse businesses. They put the smaller local businesses out of business. Sure their prices are generally lower. But at what/whose expense? The quality is usually lower, they put smaller local businesses out of work, the goods travel thousands of miles from wherever they are assembled by 5 year old slaves. OK, I'm getting a little carried away. Of course there is a doco online you can check out to see what I'm referring to. Walmart doco
Due to living in Japan we have extra time on our hands and no mainstream television (I'm so pleased!) We tend to watch a lot of documentaries when we want to pass the time. Either on DVD or online.
Last night we watched White light/Black rain. It's a very moving documentary, they interview a few of the survivors from Hiroshima & Nagasaki.
Japans attack at Pearl Harbour was what started the war (although there is controversy as to who made the first move. Take a look on Esoteric Agenda and decide for yourself) and the atomic bombing on Hiroshima & Nagasaki ended it. The total casualty count is hard to decipher as many died not long after the attack from Nuclear/Radiation related injuries but it is above the 350,000 mark. 2 bombs over 2 days, dropped from the air. The majority (more than 75%) being innocent civilians. My question is how does this differ from an act of Terrorism?

Alrighty...I think it's high time for some good news! The 'Goodnight kiwi' is coming back to NZ television. The 'Goodnight kiwi' was a NZ icon.
Every night at the end of programming (we only had the 1 channel & it ended screening fairly early in the evening) TVNZ would run a snippet where Kiwi would close up for the evening and head to bed with the cat in the satellite dish. When TV hours extended they continued using the Kiwi, but as a tool to help parents get their little ones off to bed and suggested that the following programmes weren't suitable for children.
I hope TVNZ plan to use the same message because these days it seems to be acceptable for an 8 year old to stay up to 10pm and beyond. With all the murder investigation programmes which are so common and seem to be on every night, children are now subjected to the most horrific & disturbing acts of crime & behaviour on TV. I'm not suggesting that children watching these programmes are likely to go out and replicate what they've seen, but children become desensitized to viewing criminal acts. What was classed as shocking and horror when I was growing up is just everyday viewing now. People have really become hardened to murder, torture and graphic scenes as they see it every night on TV.
I believe a positive change in the worl is coming...And just maybe it starts with the re screening of 'The goodnight Kiwi'

Good night!
May peace & love be with you X