Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Juice Fast is OVER!!

A brief overview as it wasn't all that exciting.

Juice Fasted for 7 days. Day 1 was OK. I wasn't 'hungry' (how many of us have really experienced true hunger) but my mind kept butting in and trying to run the show, thinking up yummy food creations I could make...and then eat...But I stayed strong!

Day 2 was much easier. Craig & I took the train to Tokyo to check out the 'Tokyo Vegetarian Festival'. There was quite a number of food stalls there. The smells were awesome but I had to keep convincing myself that the smell (flavours & essential oils) was exiting the food til all that is left is dead doughy mush that wouldn't taste that great anyway.

I sent Craig to try some out and he confirmed it was not as good as it smelt. BUT at least it didn't die or suffer for him. I love to tell things like they are :)


Peace march in Shibuya

Day 3-My energy was spent on day 2 so was pretty tired. Took it fairly easy.

Day 4 was a breeze. High energy, food cravings had pretty much dissipated. I felt like I could juice for a much longer period. Thoughts & visions were much clearer.

In the Kitchen:Made Craig 'Rawsagna'. Was tricky as wasn't able to taste to make sure flavours were balanced but he said it was the best damn lasagna he's had. He's a keeper!

Ended the day with very sad news. Quondo, my beloved horse/friend passed away. Mum had been caring for him whilst I've been in Japan and had to make a very difficult decision to have him put to sleep as his heart was no longer strong enough to get him around. He lived to a good age of 30, and has been in our lives for 18 beautiful years. He brought the greatest joy to me and also to many others that had the opportunity to be in his presence.

Rest in Peace my sweet angel. Be free. You will be forever in my heart.

I love you Quondo X

Day 5-7 Energy was high; added the gym to our morning sessions. Although I'm not so keen on gyms it felt great to be working out and doing more strenuous exercises.

In the kitchen: Made fruit & nut Muesli for Craigs brekkie with a fruit yogurt (made from sunflower seeds-would fool most people!)

Side note:A bazillion reasons to soak your nuts

Soaking removes the enzyme inhibitors to enable body to digest them.

I also always soak nuts in H2o2 3%. H2o2 kills bacteria, when used on areas of high bacteria it will froth (as you can see from the picture below) ewww.

I also made a batch of Kombucha and Sauerkraut. Both super high in friendly bacteria.

Its so important to get a good balance of flora in the gut, especially after a fast.

Below is one of my Kombucha mothers, she flew all the way back from Arizona with me. If you don't know much about Kombucha, check it out on the web. I love the stuff! Right now my batch is fermenting in the cupboard and she has grown a healthy baby for my future batches. Day 8............dum dum duuuummmb.

I broke my fast.....................In the worst possible way imaginable.

Was stuck indoors alone for most of the day, so ate pretty much everything in sight. Felt terrible. Want to do fast all over again :(

This is my food addiction I have trouble with. Binging. I know the best way to break a fast, I had it all planned out, but somehow it all went out the window.
This is something I need to work on and correct because I have had issues with dieting then binging/yo-yoing for the longest time. I think so many woman do and it's just not healthy.
I was reading Courtneys (Radical Radiance) blog the other day. She was referring back to her 92 day juice Feast and how it has helped release and reset all her emotional hang ups with food.
I've been drawn to partaking in a long term juice feast for months now, so I had a good look at how other people out there have dealt was long Juice Feasts. Everyone who had done them and documented their experienced looked and felt amazing (what am I saying...I didnt feel them...They claimed that the juicing assisted in making them feel amazong) and most healed long term unhealthy eating habits. You are able to cleanse and detox your body on such a deep level. Who doesn't want to cleanse their body and put the effort into looking after our most important asset?? We only have the one.

Check out the Juice Feasting website. You should also take a look at Angela Stokes transformation to a raw diet and check out her experiences whilst on her juice feast.

Apart from correcting old habits a deeper reason I have for wanting to do a long term juice feast is we are hoping to start a family in the not too distant future. I'd like our babies house to be a clean and healthy environment for it to grow strong & healthy. NB to parents friends, we aren't trying at the moment so no questions please! Just want to start preparing ;P

This pretty much brings you up to date.
I have my family coming to visit us this weekend. So spent some time in the kitchen with Craig perfecting my choccie recipe (for the kids of course ;) ). I gotta say we nailed a recipe for a raw vegan 'Bounty Bar'. It was soooooo good. For those outside of Kiwiland and Australia if you don't have bounty bars they are a delish coconut bar dipped in chocolate. Yummo!

Right time to clean.
'til next time. Peace out!